Are You A High Performing Woman Struggling to Advance Your Career?

The million dollar question is this: What do you want and why don't you have it now? Most women cannot identify how unconscious blindspots are limiting your potential, stalling your career advancement, and getting in the way of achieving your career goals. Three examples...

  • Plateaus

    Instead of achieving career success, women often spend years in jobs they hate because we're too afraid to ask for what we want.

  • Self-Limitations

    Despite being highly educated and prepared for leadership, most women lack the clarity and confidence to pursue leadership positions.

  • Off-Ramps

    Disillusioned and distrustful of the corporate career ladder, many women resolve in frustration that they will never have a rewarding career.

The Financial Consequences

The lack of clarity, career guidance, and having a blueprint to accelerate your career is costing you financially. Annually, women leave 25-35% of their salary and growth potential on the table. Millions of untapped income because you are too scared to ask for what we want. Our Career Transformation Framework teaches you how to stop playing the victim in your career story, and instead, build a solid career acceleration plan that includes financial freedom - You Deserve It.

How Do You Move Beyond Career Stagnation to Growth?

The Four Stages of Career Growth: Clarity - define what you want. Focus - align your vision with your mission. Eliminate - all blindspots. Build - a growth strategy for record-breaking achievement. Are you ready for a Career Transformation?

Yes, I'm Ready to Accelerate My Career

Our Why: My Story, Is Your Story.

A Life-Changing Career Lesson From Our Founder

"Hi, I'm Margaret Spence - founder of The Ten-X Leadership Academy and The Employee to CEO Project - if you're ready to build your career intentionally, I can help.  Twenty-one years ago I made the decision to control my career destiny, I understand your journey, I've walked in your shoes, and I'm here to help you radically rethink your vision and empower you to build the career you deserve. So join us." 

How We Help Women Leaders?

The Career Transformation Framework is a proven system from Margaret Spence designed to help women leaders like you drive better career results faster than you thought possible.

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What Makes Ten-X Leadership Academy So Different?

Ten-X Leadership is revolutionary because it teaches you how to make your career your only job. Your task is to work, but your job is to build your career.

As an Emerging or High-Potential Woman Leader, your number one priority is advancing your career. Women often confuse the work we do with the career we need to build. We've helped thousands of women understand that you must work on your career as much as you work in your career and you must be willing to invest in your career growth. The Ten-X Leadership Academy is here to support women leaders. We help you define your value, align your priorities, strategically evaluate every career move while stepping into your power - Are You Ready to Join Us?

The Career Transformation Framework

Our framework is based on shifting personal mindset to empower exponential career growth. The Power of Ten-X is not being satisfied with slow and steady, but demanding more of yourself and those who encounter you. Here are the three ways to experience our work:

  • Career Launchpad

    Join our Weekly Webcast and Podcast on Career Management and Leadership Lessons to Transform Your Career. Listen on iTunes and Register on Eventbrite (Link in our Events Tab)

  • Career Incubator

    Register for Ten-X Global Mentorship Circle Cohort: Topic-Based Career Management Programs + Hotseat Career Coaching, workbook style training, and 24/7 member community

  • Accelerator to Leadership

    Register for our High-Impact Vision or upcoming MasterClass. Keen focus on growth, building defined career acceleration plans, next-level leadership development, and support.

How Do We Work Together?

  • Step 1

    Select A Program That's Right For You. Our Leadership Circle or Masterclasses or High-Level Mastermind Programs. Still not sure what's right for you, just give us a call.

  • Step 2

    Log-in start your program and join one of our weekly live phone calls. Even if you elect to study on your own - We have live programs you can join as a Ten-X Academy member.

  • Step 3

    Join the Community associated with your program. We have course-specific groups on Facebook - which will be cross-posted in your Dashboard

Our Commitment, We Will Help You...

Affirm Your Vision, Highlight Your Talent, Build Strategic Plans, Help You Identify Targeted Mentors and Sponsors to Propel You From the Employee Desk into the C-Suite. Let's Raise the Bar and Build Your Career Today.

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We Are A Community For Women Leaders

The Ten-X Leadership Academy, a Division of The Employee to CEO Project

We are a cohort of women who inspire each other to grow, find fulfillment in our careers, learn the skills necessary for career advancement, and boldly live the life we want. We offer skills-based leadership development workshops for aspiring women leaders. Mentorship and mastermind programs to accelerate career growth. Monthly live and virtual networking events, and we offer executive leadership development coaching for senior-level executive women who want to pivot from middle management into executive or C-level leadership. The Future You Want is Within Your Reach.

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