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How do you know which program to choose?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Mentorship Inner Circle Program?

    The Ten-X Mentorship Circle Inner Circle are group programs to support your learning and development. It helps you build specific actions like branding, building your LinkedIn profile, managing self-doubt. Each month new topic items are posted to your Dashboard. Course materials are posted on the first day of each month. You will have access to the course information that occurred in the two months prior to joining the group.

  • Recurring Payments - Starting or Stopping

    If you are registering for one of our monthly payment plans - you are able to cancel your subscription up to 5 working days before the renewal. We cannot guarantee that recurring charges will stop if enough time is not allowed to cancel the process. We ask that you notify us 30 Days in advance of your cancellation to avoid billing errors. If you have any questions about your subscription please contact our office at 561-795-3036.

  • How is The Mentorship Inner Circle Program different from the Career Transformation Masterclass?

    Mentorship Circle is an on-going monthly program with targeted course recorded live each month and available via the Dashboard. The Masterclass is a one time class generally occurring over a few weeks or days. Masterclasses are more traditional and are completed on a time schedule.

  • How is the Career Transformation Masterclass different from the Mastermind Program?

    The masterclass is a mid-level program specifically designed to address one core competency, on the other hand, a Mastermind program is 10-months long and is focused on accelerating your path to executive leadership. The Mastermind group is high-level, high-impact, and driven to help you succeed.

  • Why Is the Mastermind Program Exclusive and Limited to 25 Members?

    Mastermind programs are limited to 25 participants to allow everyone to have time to work on their personal improvement and career acceleration plan - having more people in the group would diminish the value of high-level accountability. Not everyone who applies gets into our mastermind program - we are selective to assure that members get the maximum benefit from the program.

  • Why Can't I automatically register for the Mastermind Program?

    Everyone who shows an interest in the Mastermind program is not ready for the program - we interview all participants and we leave it up to you to decide if the program is right for you and if the program will deliver what you need to move ahead.