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  • Are you tired of watching others grow their career, accessing tremendous opportunity, but you don’t know how to start moving yourself forward?

  • Have you hit a brick wall and are you ready for exponential growth?

  • Would you like to learn how to co-design your career and learn how to map your career path?

  • Would you be willing to invest a few hours each week to set yourself up for a successful career in 2019?

  • Are you ready to have a community of people who want you to succeed and who hold you accountable for your action plan? If Yes, Then Register For Our VIP Program...

What Vision Are You Painting?

Five Years From Today...You're sitting at the top of the mountain looking back at your career. You're a purposeful, formidable, and powerful woman who is positioned as an expert. You've tripled your earnings, you're able to give back, and you're paying it forward. You've become the leader you envisioned, you set big goals and actually achieved them. Now imagine if you did nothing today to paint your vision for tomorrow, would you regret it in five years?

The Ultimate Career Transformation Masterclass - Live Online

This powerful workshop is designed by women leaders for women who want to find your purpose, drive your career forward, and transform your vision. We help you build a strategic blueprint that answers four pivotal questions: What do you want? What goals do you need to establish? What challenges do you need to tackle? What strategies will you deploy to close the gap between the career you have now and the career you want?

  • Course Content

  • PART 1: What's Driving Your Goals? Defining Actionable Goals and Establishing Accountability.

  • PART 2: What Assumptions Are You Willing to Challenge? Tackling and Confronting Your Inner Roadblocks.

  • PART 3: What Will You Do to Build Resilience and Challenge the Status Quo? Critical Components of Communicating Your Vision with Power.

  • PART 4: What Commitments Are You Willing to Make? Who Are Your Champions? Strategies to Build a Team to Champion Your Vision.

  • PART 5: What's Required to Develop Your Talent? Steps to Building and Deploying Your Career Acceleration Plan

  • COURSE WORKBOOK and All Worksheets

  • Course + Coaching + Community

  • Everything in Basic Course + Live Group Coaching Calls

  • COURSE + COACHING INCLUDES HOT-SEAT COACHING SESSIONS - Come Prepared to Join Our Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls. (6 - Calls Per Cohort - Kick Off Call + 5 Live Group Coaching Calls)

Are You Ready for An Entirely Different Approach?

"I attribute all of my success to a proven goal-setting process that catapulted me from the Employee Desk into the CEO Chair twenty-one years ago" Margaret Spence

You have the ability to have the career of your dreams in 2019, but you must be willing to invest the time to create an action plan that firmly establishes you as a powerful woman leader? Despite past setbacks, 2019 is your year.

This powerful goal setting women's leadership online training course offers student two participation options: You can study on your own or you can join us for five weeks of live coaching. Participants also get access to our private Facebook Group. Trying to decide which option is best for you? If you're a self-starter then register for the Course Only Option, but if you've failed to make actionable goals in the past and you want an accountability partner, join the live cohort.

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Next Course Starts July 17, 2019

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    The Ten-X Leadership Academy and The Employee to CEO Project, founded by Margaret Spence and is a division of C. Douglas & Associates, Inc. We are based on West Palm Beach, Florida and we've been in business since 1999. Over the last 21-Years, we've trained over 8000 corporations and their leadership teams. We are now offering our signature training programs to individuals. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact our office at 561-795-3036 and schedule a time to talk directly with our CEO, Margaret Spence.


  • Margaret Spence

    Margaret Spence

    Founder - CEO

    I work with women leaders to challenge limiting assumptions, question barriers to success, find resilience, and ignite your power to lead authentically. I help you manifest your vision, eliminate your blind spots, create transformation breakthroughs, build a strategic career action plan, and create a support network to achieve your leadership goals. For twenty-one years, I've run a successful HR consulting practice, I've spoken at the SHRM Conference Seven consecutive years - earning a top-five rating among conference speakers. My singular goal, igniting you to take action to have the career you want. I am the author of - Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Woman Must Answer.

Empowering Women Leaders

“I heard you speak at the SHRM Annual Conference and I had to step back and evaluate the goals I set for my career. I realized that I forgot why I do the work I do and what I wanted out of my career. The simple question you asked - What do I want? I couldn't answer but you've given me a reason to figure it out. ”

Denise Denise

“The question you asked was, "Where would you be if you didn't accept the label? My boss told me I wasn't ready for the promotion, I accepted that I wasn't ready, then you asked me what would happen if I didn't accept that - I had never thought about it that way before. Thank you for empowering me to think beyond the label. ”


“If I had a plan I would know what to do next, when my company reorganized I was left out in the cold, you taught me how to refocus on what I want and what I wanted my next chapter to look like. The search for my next job in HR was about me and what I wanted to get out of the role. I showed up differently and I expected more. ”


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